Imperial Garden Villas

Luxury in California-Andalusia Esprit in Shanghai’s exclusive southwest

While Shanghai’s centers are bustling with global businesses, state of the art contemporary art and culture, world-class hospitality and glitter entertainment, more and more top executives chose the exclusive privacy of a luxurious home away from the core center of this emerging first tier global city. And Qingpu is the place to reside. It is surrounded by lakes and the harmonious landscapes of the Southern Yangtze River Delta (((Jiangnan))) with their legendary historic Venetian Villages. This beautifully restored historic city with origins dating back longer than that of the old city of Shanghai 20 kilometers away, is emerging as a world-class place for high-end villas, golf courses, beautiful gardens, connected by tree-lined boulevards. Exquisite resort hotels, fine dining, private clubs, the best international schools, convenient shopping venues, exclusive theme parks and more attractions can be found here by the connoisseurs and their families. Only 15 minutes away from the new Hongqiao Transportation Hub with international Airport, High-Speed Rail Station and Subway station all of China is almost on the villa residents’ doorstep.

Imperial Garden Villa Estate is an invaluable addition to Qingpu’s exclusive villas. This is the place of choice to relax and feel home and safe for members of the international elite and top level business executives. An aesthetic symphony that elevates local landscape traditions into an experiential, inhabitable piece of art has been skillfully composed by world renowned Master Planners SWA from California. Five villa-islands are juxtaposed with landscaped waterfronts. Carefully selected tree species, shrubs and groundcovers. The uniquely styled villas, and the very generous Clubhouse aspire to a timeless Mediterranean aura, arranged in a setting of lush gardens refreshed by surrounding canals. A seasonal firework of blooming flowers enlightens residents over the course of the year and brings great joy to all four seasons in the Imperial Garden.

The distinguished villas, masterly designed by US based Architect Robert Hidey, feature an Andalusian color-palette, gabled roofs with terracotta shingles, delicate proportions and high quality details executed in skilled and passionate craftsmanship. Custom-made doors and window frames, balconies, cornices and stucco details. In every door and every window one can sense the spirit of Iberian grandness and the liberty of the western American sunshine state. The Imperial Garden villas are individuals, each is unique, identified through their architectural elements, doors, color compositions, materials, entrance areas, garden designs that lends each villa its individual identity. Exclusive treatments of the elevations, minute detailing of frames around doors, windows and window frames and sills, beautifully crafted timber doors, balconies and wrought iron railings. Every villa has been made by hand with the love of experienced craftsmen to achieve this individual identity. On 300 to 450 square meter a family and its entourage finds comfort and lots of rooms to expand ones activities and interests and entertain family and friends. The elite will find much opportunity to play and entertain formal cocktails, dinners and balls for the international business and diplomatic jet-set community in their villas and the Clubhouse.

The heart that enlivens Imperial Gardens is its very generous, elegant and leisurely Clubhouse. Stretching over more than 6,500 square meters it offers comfort, food, meeting rooms, a ballroom and places to replenish your body, soul and mind. The relaxing, spacious lounge is a welcoming place for coffee, culinary delicacies selected rare wines from all over the world. The heated swimming pool, and a spa, Jacuzzi pools, outdoor tennis courts, gym, games rooms, multi-purpose room welcomes its exclusive members to spend delightful leisure time. A spacious and fun children’s play room, a library, and a convenience shop offers all one needs to have a good time.

Imperial Garden’s villas are built to international standards to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, carefully catered with proper sound proofing and heat insulation and moisture resistance. Imperial Garden villas and its estate community greatly satisfies the desires and taste and lifestyle of the distinguished leaders and their families. A luxurious environment built to ecological principles.

Even a daily commute to Shsanghai is quite manageable and Qingpu is only a 20 minute drive away from Hongqiao transportation center with the international airport, high-speed train- and subway station. Qingpu’s strategic location is quite strategic with easy access to highways conveniently leading to all major cities in the Yangtze River Delta Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing.


Imperial Garden is a 30 hectare villa village, located and surrounded by communities of upmarket villa developments west of Shanghai city. there will be some 295 villas on the 30ha property.

The entire villa village is naturally divided into 5 islands, each island surrounded by water networks.

Imperial Garden is styled after Southern Californian, Andalusian style, with detached villas of sizes ranging between 300 sqm to 450 sqm of above-ground area.

Imperial Garden is a low density development, build with low plot ratio of 0.34

Imperial Garden was conceptualized by following :

  • – Concept Master-Planner : SWA [USA]
  • – Concept Designer : Robert Hidey [USA]
  • – Concept Interior Designer : Backen & Gillam [USA]

Imperial Garden is located and surrounded by International Schools as German International School, Shanghai American School, Shanghai Singapore International School, British International School, Western International School, etc.  Imperial Garden is also close to world renowed and reputable retails as Carrefour (within 10-mins drive), Decathlon, B&Q, City Shop etc.

Imperial Garden is 20km from THE BUND Shanghai, and 15-mins to Hong-Qiao Transportation Hub.  It takes less than 10-mins to reach Shanghai’s major thoroughfares as A9 and G15 highways systems.

Imperial Garden’s villas are designed to achieve serenity, tranquility, exclusivity, privacy, and individual identity for each and every villa.

These villas are sold bare-finish, to be handed over without internal finishing.  We have interior fitted some villas as model villas, and will forward you pictures of these model villas‘ interior in due course

The doors and windows are custom made, with movable and technical members as hinges, knobs etc imported.  These are aluminum windows for external weather considerations, and factory cladded with wood finishing for it’s interior

The clubhouse is of 3 floors, of 6,515 sqm, with facilities as cafe, heated swimming pool with well equipped lockers, changing room, spa, jacuzzi, outdoor tennis courts, gym, games rooms, multi purpose room, meeting rooms, indoor children play room, library, convenience stall etc.