Chengdu Villa Project

The Chengdu Villa project is designed as a prestigious and refined classical facility based on Classical Architecture in the 18th Century English Georgian style. This architectural style is a favorite with aristocracy and will provide a formal and impressive home for the finest of companies.

Upon arrival to the site one will first experience the serenity of the formal entrance garden arranged along a main axis featuring classical planting patterns along the driveway to the luxurious porte-cochere with its generous and covered drop-off welcoming residents and visitors entering the entrance Veranda. The villas are detailed in a pleasant brownish-red brick façade with limestone trims and beautifully handcrafted, painted wooden windows and doors. The roof is made of a genuine slate in a warm color blend. The interior layout offers grandeur with a generous flow of spaces. The rooms are detailed with stone, hardwood- and carpet floors, stained and painted wood trim. All floors feature high ceilings and highest quality details and materials that create a luxurious and genuine atmosphere that comforts residents and pleases and impresses guests.



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